Zombie Strike 1 and Zombie Strike 2 are Mini-Games on our Minecraft Server.

How to PlayEdit

You must start out with any weapon of the Stone or Iron category (However there are no pre-enchanted weapons allowed). You kill zombies and grab loot from them, you can trade them in for weapons and Armor. Since our server has Keep Inventory, you will keep your inventory on death. So don't worry about losing your items.

Trade GuideEdit

We also allow you to co-operate with other players, and you can trade with one-another. But, if you want to trade stuff in for better weapons this guide is for you.

Rotten Flesh (10X): Iron Leggings, or Strength enchantment

Rotten Flesh (30X): Iron Leggings + Iron Chestplate, or 1 enchantment of your choice.

Iron Ingots (5X): Iron Sword + Iron Chestplate + Iron Leggings

Iron Ingots (10X): Iron Sword + Iron Chestplate + 1 Enchant of your choice + Iron Leggings + Iron Helmet + Iron Boots

Iron Sword (1X): 1 Enchant of your choice

Gold Sword (1X): Gold Chestplate + 1 Enchant of your choice

Gold Sword (3X): Full Gold Armor + 1 Enchantment of your choice

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