Murder is a gamemode for Garry's Mod in which Lyoko Gaming's server will be based on.

How to PlayEdit

One person is a Murderer, and the rest are Bystanders. However, one of the Bystanders will have a "Secret Weapon" or as most players call it: "The Magnum".


The Murderer is supposed to kill all Bystanders, and avoid getting caught by Bystanders, and avoid being killed by the user with the "Secret Weapon".


The Bystander is pretty much defenseless, unless they find Clues or "Props" as some call them. These will have a green outline around the item, and respawn after a certain amount of time. However the Bystander with the Magnum will be able to kill the Murderer without finding clues. This doesn't however give you the permission to kill random people. Some servers have a built in RDM (Random Deathmatch) system, which warns you if you RDM. Also if you kill a Bystander as a Bystander, you lose the Magnum, and the screen will turn black.

The CluesEdit

Most Murder maps have glowing Green Items known as "Clues" or "Props" as the game labels. Collecting 5 of these will grant you a Magnum. However, if you are the Murderer, you don't get any thing besides points. However, after killing a bystander as the murderer, you may desguise yourself as that person.